20+ Amazing Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Tiny Space

You might feel that having a small space for a kitchen is quite challenging, meaning you have to consider everything before you decorate or remodel it. However, it does not mean you only have limited choices. You can explore with anything in regards to decorating or remodeling your small kitchen. For example, you can take a look at our selections of 40+ small kitchen renovation ideas that will inspire you.

You might feel that having a small space for a kitchen is quite challenging, meaning you have to consider everything before you decorate or remodel it. However, it does not mean you only have limited choices. You can explore with anything in regards to decorating or remodeling your small kitchen. For example, you can take a look at our selections of 40+ small kitchen renovation ideas that will inspire you.

White Brick Wall Small Kitchen Design


Kitchens portray your lifestyle, and this design is one of its kind. It has an exquisite design with white bricks, and white cupboards, that make the whole place appear peaceful and beautiful. It is tiny and compact at the same time accommodating all the items needed in a modern kitchen.

The brown wooden furniture looks unique in the white background thus lifting the moods of the people in the place. This White Brick Wall small kitchen design is guaranteed to lift your mood with its white texture and exotic spin and the added greenery through the plants.

Mix and Match Kitchen Appliances 


This new Mix and Match Kitchen is a perfect design with bright colors, designs and different look to it. This design is an excellent example of “industry meets elegant” design which balances both the aesthetics and the main functionality. This glossy beauty is splurged with high-quality white shelves which can hold a significant amount of items.

This small kitchen design has a combination of modern – vintage effect which surely mesmerizes people with the added greenery. It is guaranteed to amplify the queer nature of your home, and the shiny white color looks fresh and beautiful.

Marble Countertops Shiny Small Kitchen


The Marble Countertops Shiny Tiny Kitchen design sets a realistic yet welcoming tone to space. The different colored cabinets with shiny bench-tops and low glare give a good view. The huge windows enhance the beauty of the kitchen. The wooden colored floor and the tiles add a nice element to the design.

The kitchen backsplash has much more creativity added to it. The kitchen platform is roomy and can save lots of hassles during cooking making it a more enjoyable experience. The white lights hanging around enhance the experience.

Scandinavian Small Corner Kitchen


This Scandinavian Small Corner Kitchen design has taken cues from nature and is an excellent idea for a small and compact kitchen. The floor is decorated with colorful carpet incorporating a beautiful look. The dining area attached to the walls and white colored kitchen cabinets; walls are a match made in heaven.

The kitchen has a small open shelf which is good enough to keep all the kitchen utensils and the plants at the top give it a unique texture to it. The various bright colors and attractive designs in the kitchen provide a more positive outlook towards everything in general.

Romantic European Minimalist Kitchen


This Romantic European Minimalist Kitchen has a beautiful layout connected to the dining area. This design is an openly planned space giving priority to the internal features with the large windows which overlook the garden. The open shelves and the hanging things portray a peaceful feeling and a friendlier environment.

The lighter floor and the darker cabinets give a contrasting appeal to this small kitchen design. The added small artifacts give the kitchen a great look.

Small U Shaped Kitchen


If you are worried about the less space you got for the kitchen and still want to make it look great, then try this design. The cabinets, cooking area, ovens and other things are kept attached to the walls would flaunt your minimalist style.

The black theme of the kitchen is paired up with white windows giving a unique look. It provides a cozy atmosphere, and its elements work brilliantly to create a radically different environment.

L Shaped Kitchen Design


This L Shaped Kitchen Design with white cabinets and walls increases the appeal of the kitchen manifolds. The combination of open space and glass gives this small kitchen design a mystical feel, and it is something that everyone should experience.

This minimalistic yet exotic design will surely enthrall your guests at their first glance. The pendants, the small table plants, and the lime green pendant give the kitchen a modern look.

Space Saving Kitchen Pantry Design


If you want a pantry area within your kitchen, then try this Space Saving Kitchen Pantry Design. It has a small work area with pull out pantry that keeps away any unwanted clutter. The big lights from the ceiling provide not only the liveliness and brightness but also a mystical aura perfect for making your cooking time pleasurable.

The contrasting colors for the cabinets and the cooking area make it look unconventional, yet stylish.

Small Contemporary Single-Wall Kitchen


This Small Contemporary Single-Wall is one of the simplest kitchens you can ever find. Everything you need is at the reach of your hands, and all the electrical appliances are attached beneath the cooking slab, thus saving a lot of space, yet portrays your creative personality.

The smaller dishwasher in the theater room is guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention. The soft white color is soothing, and the lighting raises the mood of the area in your home, thus making cooking an enjoyable experience.

Light Wood Floor With Grey Cabinets Kitchen


This kitchen design with open shelves on one wall is perfect enough to hold daily-use tableware, bins, storage jars and cookbooks thus giving the room a much more open feel. Its beautiful window allows little more space to breathe so the whole place feels less stuffed.

This Light Wood Floor with Grey Cabinets Kitchen has flat-panel cabinets, gray cabinets, quartz countertops, white backsplash, stone tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances and no island making it visually appealing and a creative small kitchen design.

Mini Bar Minimalist Kitchen


It is a multipurpose kitchen design. You have a stainless steel trolley that makes the kitchen a party center. During parties, social gatherings, etc. guests used to gravitate towards the kitchen; at that time this elegant bar trolley ensures that space is well-stocked with a bountiful supply of drinks, delicious nibbles, and sparkling glasses. This will let you wheel it out to wherever the heart desires.

Adding to that, the tall white cabinets, Kitchen, flooring, lighting, and the mirrors make this small kitchen design a creative one.

Dream Small Kitchen Design


A labour of love that took over a year to complete, the evolution of this space represents my personal style whilst respecting rental restrictions. With an emphasis on the significance of individual objects and some minimalist restraint, the multifunctional living space utilises a high/low mix of furnishings. The kitchen features Ikea cupboards and custom shelving. A farmhouse sink, oak worktop and vintage milk pails are a gentle nod towards my country roots.

Mount a Slim Island


A slim island is ideal for a small kitchen instead of a full-sized island that take much space. There may not be a place for a morning meal bar but a small island looks very stylish and it leaves some extra work space to prepare food.

Narrow Vertical Shape Dark Turquoise Cabinet

Sheila Bridges design, the leading interior designers in New York has designed this glam looking kitchen. The Narrow Vertical Shape Dark Turquoise Cabinet has a unique bluish grey color for all its cabinets, cupboards with a wavy design on the wall making it a brighter texture.

A small window at the center gives a complete view of the outside area and also brings natural light to the kitchen. The cooking area and the washing area are separated giving a spacious feeling inside the kitchen. It also accommodates different smaller paintings that make the area look more lively and attractive.

Milkwork With Light Color Kitchen


This design with milk tone is an excellent idea for the kitchen. It is decorated with white artifacts like cabinets, walls and thus making the kitchen perfectly blend with the surroundings.

This is a minimalist design with few colors, but kitchenware occupying a lot of space. The pendants enhance the beauty of the room with sufficient light shades.

Custom Mobile Kitchen Island With Stools


The outlandish design evoked by this kitchen lighting is unparalleled and also illuminates the room with natural light. The minimalist style breakfast stools are not only functional but are highly aesthetic.

This small kitchen design adds drama to the kitchen area making your kitchen the main focal point of your home. It is also paired up with white textured tiles to enhance your delight.

Make a Contrast

Source: Pinterest

You can see how this black lower cabinet creates an incredible contrast to the white walls in the kitchen. So to have this look, you should paint your cabinet in a darker shade to be paired with your neutral walls.

Pattern Injection

Source: Pinterest

This tiny kitchen looks exceptionally amazing with the injection of pattern in the flooring and upper wall, not to mention the miniature studio lamps as the light fixture.

L-Shaped Kitchen Island

Source: Pinterest

Adding a double duty furniture is such a great renovation idea. This kitchen, for example, places L-shaped kitchen island with a storage to organize cooking books and other kitchen related stuff.

Faux Brick

Source: Pinterest

Paint your tile backsplash to look like brick construction like the owner of this small kitchen has done.

A Strip Rug

Source: Pinterest

Simply add a texture to your small kitchen for an effective transformation.

Add Statement

Source: Pinterest

A simple makeover can be done by adding a statement. This small kitchen goes with a pair of industrial pendant lights to complement the farmhouse style adopted in the space.

A Touch of Purple

Source: Pinterest

Combining a neutral color with a bolder one is another trick to make your tiny space look superb. You can take this white and purple combo for the example.

Barn Style

Source: Pinterest

This barn-style kitchen island can act as a dining area in the space. You can also opt for a rustic bench instead of stools.

Stylish Kitchen

Source: Pinterest

Do not ever think that a small kitchen is devoided of style. This kitchen has proved the naysayers wrong by going with colorful touch and inspiring wall art.

A Splash of Gold

Source: Pinterest

A touch of gold in the lampshade and cabinet hardware and combined with light grey furniture is enough to give an impact on your small kitchen.

Hidden Storage Idea

Source: Pinterest

When you go through a renovation, consider installing a hidden storage to add a creative touch to your small kitchen.

New Cabinetry

Source: Pinterest

Renovating with a set of new cabinetry is very effective to upgrade your small kitchen.

Affordable Transformation

Source: Pinterest

Even by organizing and decorating your kitchen tools, you can have an affordable transformation that will offer a fresh look to your kitchen.

Smart Saving Organizer

Source: Pinterest

One thing to make your small kitchen less cramp and clutter free is by organizing all your cooking essentials in the jars and grouping other things that do not fit in the jar just like this.

Open Shelving Pantry

Source: Pinterest

Once finished with the organizing and grouping, you can line them up on the open pantry shelves that you can easily make by yourself.


Dream Small Kitchen Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

More Inspiration Best Small Kitchen Ideas!

It can be seen that the list of kitchen design ideas can go forever. Interior kitchen design is a whole world within itself, needing to make decisions of different items like lighting, the color of the cabinets, whether to have an island or not, the color of the floors and walls, size of cabinets and pendants, material to use, etc.

A fantastic kitchen will positively portray the personality of the owner in addition to the creativity involved in it. Achieving the best and flawless design at affordable prices can be tricky and time-consuming. But with the help of the above list of kitchen design options, you should be able to make decisions quickly.



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