7 Awesome Shower Door Ideas 2018 That Will Make You Want to Stay Home

Shower Door Ideas – Is there anything more luxurious than a modern, gorgeous shower? It doesn’t matter what the rest of the house looks like.

In that moment, when you step into a spa-like shower, nothing else matters. So how gorgeous can they get? Let’s take a look at some ultra-lux rooms that will have you heading for the showers yourself.

Bend it Like…

Round glass doors complete this modern Dallas, Texas shower enclosure. While they complement the design, they don’t overwhelm it so the focus is still on the curved tile and seat.

Don’t forget to notice the rainfall shower head!


When you like the look of a walk-in shower, but don’t have the space to waste, glass can make it happen.

With the look and feel of a Finnish sauna, the streamline design in this Toronto shower continues with the chrome handle on the glass door, a nod to the fixtures in the shower itself.

Just Beachy

If you’re feeling beachy, you’ll love this shower from Nantucket. The pebbly shower floor brings the beach inside, and the two sides of glass wall and door make it feel more like part of the room than you would have thought possible.

Captain of Industry

A stunning use of glass and metal, this shower enclosure in San Fransisco will have you wowing when you walk in. An example of modern industrial design, it flows with straight lines and open space.

In this room, they carried the dark color of the metal throughout the bathroom by using a dark mirror and industrial hangings for the lighting.

Contemp-raditional? Is That a Word?

In this contemporary take on a traditional theme in Montana, elements from both design trends are visible with an unusual use of glass enclosure at a forty-five degree angle that nearly cuts the large room in two.

Maximizing the visual space, using clear glass allows the room to be two distinctly designed places in the same area.

Clear as Day

An ultra-modern, contemporary design in a Chicago split-level penthouse, this shower looks like it’s made of air.

The square fixtures are mirrored in the fittings for the glass door, and the fact that the glass goes from floor to ceiling means that not only does it look like air, but it will keep in all the steam of the shower.


This modern bath in Austin, Texas has simplicity in its favor. All light is allowed through, and every line is simple and complete. The glass wall is also simple, and in being so, adds elegance to the design.

Something Fishy

In this Los Angeles shower, everything needs to be seen. With a stunning floor and the deep colors of the subway tile and wood, glass for half the walls was a necessity.


In Wallingford, Connecticut, there is a corner shower that is so decadent, so beautiful, it has crown molding. The pentagon shaped shower is glass on three of its five sides, flowing with the room while setting itself apart.

So what do you think?

Have you been inspired? If you’re ready to plan out your new shower surround, that’s great! What you want will depend on these factors:

  • Style–What kind of design are you looking to achieve in your home?
  • Space–Glass can be a tool to make a smaller space look larger or a larger space look more defined. What kind of space you have determines how glass will be used in that space.

There are so many great ways to use glass in your shower area. These inspiring ideas are just a few. If you need help in planning your shower surround, contact us and we will be glad to talk to you about the possibilities!

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