35 Entryway Design Ideas For A Stress-Free And Organized Home

Keeping the front entrance of your home tidy can be a challenge because of all the traffic this area receives. So we looked to the wisdom of Martha Stewart for entryway ideas and advice on creating a less stressful foyer.

Below are Stewart’s seven tips for making the most of your front hall, excerpted from “Living The Good Life: A Practical Guide To Caring for Yourself and Others,” a handbook for living your healthiest life after 40.

The guide contains tips from doctors and specialists on nutrition, fitness, wellness, home, organizing and more, and we’ll be sharing a selection of Stewart’s tips for a stress-free environment.

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, a systematic entryway will keep things neat, save you time, and result in fewer lost gloves, forgotten letters, and misplaced keys.

Whether it’s a front-hall closet or a series of hooks on the wall, implementing a few organizing and design strategies will help create a welcoming entryway where you can begin to unwind the second you step in the door.

Seating Area: A long bench or a group of chairs provides an easy place to take shoes on and off, particularly in cooler months when you or your visitors may be wearing a lot of outerwear.

A bench has the added benefit of providing a convenient storage space underneath. A simple wall-mounted half bench saves space by only using front legs.

Coat Hooks: Large coat hooks keep essentials off the floor, providing a convenient place to hang outerwear, baskets, dog leashes, and scarves.

The hooks pictured here are mounted into the shelving unit, so there’s no need to put extra holes in the walls.

Shelves: A shelf installed above the row of hooks provides additional storage space, perfect for stashing separate bins for scarves, gloves, hats, and other accessories.

In this entryway, the shelf is cut to the same length as the bench, which helps define the space.

Bins: A row of identical storage bins gives this entryway a pleasing, uniform look. Sunglasses, purses, and scarves can be corralled in the bins, neatly tucked under a bench or on a shelf.

Choose from metal, wicker, canvas, or even wooden bins (such as old wine boxes). Sort through the boxes weekly to prevent them from becoming cluttered. Add casters to the bottom of the bins for easy access.

Key Hooks: Designate a row of small hooks or a bowl as the place you drop your keys as soon as you come in the door. You can also store a spare set of keys here.

Mail Sorters: Use baskets, letter trays, or standing racks to sort incoming and outgoing mail.

Dedicate one basket to junk mail so it can be immediately recycled. File bills and other correspondence in separate in-boxes.

Nonslip Rug: An absorbent, nonslip rug will help prevent falls and keep your entryway tidy.

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