53 Best Kitchen Countertops Design Ideas People Are Doing Right Now

Kitchen countertops ideas – Over the past two decades options for kitchen countertops have more than doubled. There’s a tremendous selection of natural stone including granite countertops and marble countertops, and new breakthroughs in manufactured stone countertops.

Wood and metal countertops are growing in popularity while glass countertops glow with the latest technology. Laminates have come a long way. Composites can be eco-friendly, and poured concrete countertops add a rustic touch.

Kitchen Countertops Design Ideas

Kitchen countertops can breathe new life into your space, whether it’s by adding a dynamic splash of color, bringing in new textures, or giving balance to an existing design. While granite is always a polished pick, this isn’t the only material to turn to when you’re looking to renovate your kitchen.

Here, we’ve gathered some of the most stunning kitchen countertop ideas from Pinterest that make use of a variety of materials, from industrial concrete to indulgent marble. You’ll find that many of these examples mix materials throughout to bring an unexpected flourish to the space.

Explore 53 kitchen countertops ideas from Pinterest that will have you rethinking your dream kitchen.


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